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Thursday, November 18, 2010

SWEET 15,maaaa:DD
thnx 2 you guys who did
wish,i'm getting old :(
but thn,jiwa still MUDA!!*wootwoot*
lmbt glegle da aku upd8 mnde neyh.
coz wi5 umah kne TEMBAK PETIR.
mlg btol doe nseb aku.tautau je
aku sllu ON9.
dengki la tuh:p cehs.
nw,dgn umo yg bru neyh,i'll start 
my NEW LIFE.and tha evrythings
wil be more bndemnde yg ntah ppe.
no more tears 4  tha SILLYWILLYTHINGS.
and i hpe soo to get 8A++ in PMR10.

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