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Saturday, November 20, 2010


ndanotty_xoxo: chikg!
Nurul Ashiqin: eh
Nurul Ashiqin: kau mne doe??
ndanotty_xoxo: jap2
ndanotty_xoxo: kau?
Nurul Ashiqin: busy sgt ke??
ndanotty_xoxo: ey,?
Nurul Ashiqin: duhhhh
ndanotty_xoxo: kau x angkat pn vdeo call aku..
Nurul Ashiqin: stop2 jap
ndanotty_xoxo: aku try wat vdeo call lg
ndanotty_xoxo: if kau da redy,
ndanotty_xoxo: bg tau tau!
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Nurul Ashiqin: siot doe kau
ndanotty_xoxo: weyh?
Nurul Ashiqin: baju pink??
Call ended: 3 min, 25 sec.  (9:47 PM)
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ndanotty_xoxo: a'ah..
ndanotty_xoxo: HAHA
ndanotty_xoxo: gli je pink!
ndanotty_xoxo: HAHA
Nurul Ashiqin: wei
Nurul Ashiqin: tak dengar sgt la td
ndanotty_xoxo: a'ah aku pn..
ndanotty_xoxo: cmne tuh?
Nurul Ashiqin: entah
Nurul Ashiqin: hahahaha
ndanotty_xoxo: Apa macam bro?
ndanotty_xoxo: Hi abang...
ndanotty_xoxo: Eh Jom pegi makan.
ndanotty_xoxo: HAHA!
ndanotty_xoxo: HAHAHAHA
Nurul Ashiqin: geli sumpah doe
ndanotty_xoxo: Lambat macam siput.
ndanotty_xoxo: Penat lah brother...
Nurul Ashiqin: siot
ndanotty_xoxo: KeJap. KeJap! KeJap!!
ndanotty_xoxo: HAHAHAHAH
ndanotty_xoxo: weyh,,
ndanotty_xoxo: lawakk glee
ndanotty_xoxo: saket perot aku
ndanotty_xoxo: Sebuk la kau
Nurul Ashiqin has signed back in. (20/11/2010 9:56 PM)
ndanotty_xoxo: Lei gong mey ah?
Nurul Ashiqin: Penat lah brother...
Nurul Ashiqin: you
Nurul Ashiqin: bosan hell
ndanotty_xoxo: Giggles: Hee Hee
ndanotty_xoxo: Nutty: Sugar High!
Nurul Ashiqin: Chim sẻ gọi đại bàng … Chim sẻ gọi đại bàng
ndanotty_xoxo: Toothy: Yawn
Nurul Ashiqin: jgn merepek boleh
ndanotty_xoxo: aku basan laa
ndanotty_xoxo: *bosan
ndanotty_xoxo: Dude!
Nurul Ashiqin: what?
Nurul Ashiqin: just answer it
Nurul Ashiqin: bukan audibles laaa
Nurul Ashiqin: eisy
Nurul Ashiqin: pdn mke
ndanotty_xoxo: pdn jgk
ndanotty_xoxo: Hello? Hello? Anybody there? Echo!
Nurul Ashiqin has selected the "Precious Moments" IMVironment.
Nurul Ashiqin has selected the "Falling Hearts" IMVironment.
Nurul Ashiqin: aku kat sni la
Nurul Ashiqin: adoyai
Nurul Ashiqin: wey
ndanotty_xoxo: pink??
Nurul Ashiqin: yupp
ndanotty_xoxo: ade love2?
ndanotty_xoxo: wat??
ndanotty_xoxo: HAHA
ndanotty_xoxo: bintang xde ke?
ndanotty_xoxo: pahal doe..nk buzz2??!
Nurul Ashiqin: sje
Nurul Ashiqin: geli doe buzz nie
Nurul Ashiqin: dy kiss
Nurul Ashiqin: try la
Nurul Ashiqin: yucks
Nurul Ashiqin: wei
ndanotty_xoxo: HAHA.
Nurul Ashiqin: takpayah try byk kali
ndanotty_xoxo: gle jap.
Nurul Ashiqin: haha
ndanotty_xoxo: weyh,
ndanotty_xoxo: nk IM uh bckground star!!
Nurul Ashiqin: haha
Nurul Ashiqin: takde la doe
Nurul Ashiqin: kau buat sendiri la
Nurul Ashiqin: LOVE je ad
Nurul Ashiqin: Tinh vi nó vừa vừa thôi nhá!
Nurul Ashiqin: gemok
ndanotty_xoxo: kau tuh gemook!!
Nurul Ashiqin: tak!
Nurul Ashiqin: aku kurus
ndanotty_xoxo: cehs,
ndanotty_xoxo: bajet!
ndanotty_xoxo: HAHA

ndanotty_xoxo: weyh..
ndanotty_xoxo: kte im at fb jelaa
ndanotty_xoxo: heee
ndanotty_xoxo: ok?
Nurul Ashiqin: ok
Nurul Ashiqin: m
Nurul Ashiqin is typing...
Nurul Ashiqin: kau stalk org??
ndanotty_xoxo: x laa..
ndanotty_xoxo: tgh 2les blog
ndanotty_xoxo: heee
ndanotty_xoxo: kte hot g at fb ok?
ndanotty_xoxo: bnyk gle hot g aku neyh..

*as a cnclusion:kami sgt merapu hari ni.
esp. CHKG!haha.(kau laa:P)

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