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Monday, December 12, 2011

Nurul Fatihah Binti Mohd Radzuan.
ececehh ;p aha

Me with Qiela and kak Ra (one of our make up dancer also choreographer)

1 Malaysia dancers :)
* Last post ni.Jeng jengg. Haha 

With Zapin dancers :)

Me with Anis ( my fashion designer) at
Hari Keusahawanan Form 5 
Event : Project Runaway.
Alhamdulillah ,
My Award : Miss Photogenic ;)
Anis Award : Best Designer :)

Penyembelihan Ayam - Students Form 4
* gilaa berani pegang ayam tuu -.-'

Kem PKBM(L) at Tunjuk Laut Beach Resort.He

Me ft. Rempit
Song : Overboard :) ihiks

Tengok ni ,both macam turun dari Kayangan kann ? HAHA XD

Song : Kenangan Terindah :')

muka madah nak ganas je kan suma.hehs

I'm the centre of the gravity. againn :))


Me with qiela :) *againn --

# saja nak introduce diri sikit. Heeee ;)
and that was part of my life.Kay. Take care.
malam malam grammar memang dah lama tidur. Tatabahasa punn. He ;p

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