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Thursday, December 13, 2012

 Well Hello. Er, kay. Assalamualaikum :)
Em. It's nothing actually but I just wanna show off  haha to you alls 
these 2 pictures yang sumpa rasa gila happy and penat and tak larat sume lah. Hha.

Tu tu Izzah. Faiqah. Teah :) Hihi.
 Kay. First picture ni time after GRADUATION DAYYAYYY XD
Haha. Happy gilaa aa kot time tu. But tak best nya sebab before spm kan --'

ni ni Kita dengan Awak Ainul :3

Haha. Tahu muka pale. So what ? Haha. 
Ni lagi happy lah for sure XD 
AFTER SPM. Last day. After finished our last paper BIOLOGY. Hihi.
Alhamdulillah. At last, I'm done with it ;)
Praise to Allah.

#So peeps, now I'm waiting for my result.
All of my usaha, tidur lambat stay up until 3++ am,
bangun awal semua untuk study telah saya laksanakan :)
And now, It's time for me untuk ber-tawakal sepenuh nya kepada yang Ilahi.
I'm hoping that I will get the best result for SPM2012.
Do pray for me kay peeps, semoga anda juga mendapat apa yang diingini. Aminnn.
Thats all. Thankyouu :')

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